A Healthy Head Lice Treatment from the American Academy of Dermatology – Free Health Videos

Head lice can be attracted when they come into direct touch with another person who is suffering from the disease. The lice may spread from head to head by head-to-head contact. Whatever clean or unclean the person’s hair may be, lice could continue to live in the hair. Because they depend on human blood to thrive, lice look for new the next victim. Each year, millions of people are infected with head lice. Schools are particularly susceptible to head lice outbreaks. The head lice problem is a widespread issue in the United States, with an estimated 6-12 million kids aged between three and twelve years old.

Although they aren’t known to transmit disease but they may cause the scalp to become extremely itchy. Sores on the scalp can get infected due to the repeated scratching. Due to the fact that the itch can be intense, some sufferers have trouble getting sleep. Most people are able to treat head lice at home. If you’re unable to get rid of the lice or if it is producing itching, it is recommended to see the dermatologist. For more details, see this video.