A Simple Overview of the Cremation Process – Media Content Lab

That’s when you are able to trim your hair. The video shows how funerals can benefit both the individual and communities.

1. The casket’s operator takes off its metal handles to ensure they do not hinder the operation of the equipment of the cremation chamber.
2. The operator lifts the lifting mechanism for the casket, allowing it to be placed the casket on the loading table.
3. The family member is able to push on a button that will start it when the casket is ready to receive the casket.
4. This button unlocks the door to the cremator. The chamber is heated to 800 degrees Celsius then the casket is gently pulled into.
5. The computerized system controls the process , and makes sure that it is optimized for combustion at a regulated temperature of around 800 degrees C.
6. The system alerts that operator after the cremation has been completed. The person who is responsible for the cremation collects the remains and takes them into a cremulator, which eliminates any remaining metal elements. They are then ground into the fine Sand.
7. After the funeral, the remains of the deceased are placed into an urn that is then passed to the relatives.

Individual and collective funerals can be performed for human as well as pets. It is important to know how cremation works before you proceed through it. gujnk5czg5.