Questions You Should Avoid Answering on a Car Lot – How To Estimate Auto Body Repair

It is important to get the most value purchasing a pre-owned car. There is a chance that you will be shocked to find out that lots of used dealerships will force you to buy more of what you do not need.

There are a few questions you should avoid asking at the conclusion of your car buying process, as we have discussed in our “Questions that You Should Never Ask at a Car Sales” video.

These are the questions which you must avoid answering:

1. Are you going to purchase the car cash or will you be financing the purchase? 2. What’s your rating on your credit? 3. What will you invest? 4. Do you trade in your vehicle? What is the value for your vehicle?

These kinds of questions allow used car dealerships to be pre-qualifying buyers before they’ve had the chance to see.

These are all important concerns that you must answer once you’ve made your selection of the car you’d like to purchase, and with the majority of your important people in attendance as well as an offer from the dealer. For now, just keep the answers to yourself.

The next time you evaluate used car dealerships, keep in mind these guidelines to save you cash, time and trouble.