RSS Feeds Are for the Tech Conscious and Time Savvy

RSS feeds were created to make your life easier. They are a considerate offering given to you much like Christmas toffee from all of your favorite websites. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is really just that. To take advantage of it, you are a button click away from syndicating all of your favorite blogs and sites, collecting all of their updates and news, in real time, into one conveniently located source.

You have a few different options when it comes time to view your RSS feeds, but you first need to find the feeds to add to your list. You can find specific RSS feed websites that will have a collection of links that you can pick and choose, much like a library, it is a collection of the feeds all located in one stop. You can also go to the direct site that you want to follow. The RSS feed on websites is indicated by a little orange box with waves flowing up to the upper right hand corner of the box. By clicking on that little icon, you are then easily and instantly subscribed to that site’s RSS feed.

Going to see the RSS feed on websites every time defeats the purpose of the advantage of an RSS feed. So, once you subscribe, you should not have to go back. More and more sites are adding RSS feed to websites that they run, and soon everyone will when it catches on. To view your feeds you can choose an in browser site. Most blogs have an add on that will give you the option to display RSS feed on websites that can run the add on. This means that instead of bouncing around to all of the sites that you regularly check for your news and information, instead you just go to the one that utilizes the embedded add on to display RSS feeds on websites.

If you are at all familiar with Twitter, which there is a good chance that you are, then you are completely familiar with the concept. By logging in to Twitter, that is an example of what an RSS reader does. And each person whom you follow represents the blog whose RSS feed that you will be subscribing too. So do yourself the favor, and save yourself the time, set up an RSS reader and start subscribing today.